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Mexico Trophy Bass Fishing

Mexico Bass Fishing

Peacock Bass Fishing Lodge

Peacock Bass Fishing


Peacock Bay Lodge

Peacock Bass Fishing

Peacock Bass Fishing on Lake Guri at the edge of La Gran Sabana in Venezuela.

Peacock Bass Fishing


Peacock Bass Fishing


Peacock Bass Fishing


12 Pound Peacock Peacock Bass Lodge offers the Peacock Bass angler the ultimate in Peackck Bass Fishing, an exciting Peacock Bass fishing trip matching his angling skills against the fierce and powerful Peacock Bass. Each day will provide an angler with a chance of catching a 15 pound plus Peacock Bass. The average angler can expect to hookup with 10 to 20 of these powerful and beautiful fish.

As if the pure thrill of fighting these great fish isn't enough, you will be constantly distracted from your main objective by the tantalizing sounds of the jungle. Parrots, Macaws, Howler Monkeys flourish in the jungle surrounding the lake and their calls provide the perfect background for this incredible adventure.

176k Howler Monkey .au file Room

Accommodations at the lodge are deluxe by jungle standards. You room will be clean and comfortable and the private bath with hot water shower will feel very good after your day on the lake Peacock Bass Fishing. Each of the eight rooms in the camp contains two twin beds. Sleeping quarters are connected to the main dining room by a thatch cover breezeway.

Mag, camp chef, prepares three delicious meals a day. Steak, pork chops, and chicken prepared perfectly and seasoned with local sauces are as fine as can be found. Lunch and dinner will include dessert and fresh fruit is served with almost every meal. Purified bottled water is provided for every guest and all drinks and meals are prepared using bottled water.

Dinning Hall From the time you plane lands at Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela, you will be guided by professional English speaking guides. You van trip to the camp will take you through a beautiful landscape of grasslands and mountains. The two and a half hour trip to and from the camp will pass much more quickly than you would like.

Fishing is done from 18 to 21 foot fiberglass and aluminum boats equipped with dependable 40 horsepower outboards, troll motors and electronic LCR depth finders. All Peacock Bass are released back into the lake except for a few that are taken for meals. Fiberglass replicas can be made for your trophy Peacock Bass with such precision that they are better than and last longer than skin mounts that require killing the fish. Measurements and photographs provide the taxidermist with all the information needed to create and exact replica.

View From Boat Ramp Dirt roads, jeep and foot trails provide access the the magnificent jungle for the Eco Tourist and Birder. The jungle is lush and rich with wildlife and plant life. English speaking guides are thoroughly familiar with all of the jungle life and will make your adventure educational as well one of the most interesting experiences of you life.

Combination and custom tours are available. A combo trip is available to Uraima Fishing Camp. Uraima is located approximately 100 miles up river and in the deep jungle. This newly constructed camp offers the jungle adventurer almost luxurious accommodations amidst the deep jungle, nearly 100 miles from the nearest road.

Parrot in Papaya Tree in Camp Uraima Camp is accessible by a 20 minute bush plane flight and provides the angler with the worlds finest Payara fishing. Several jungle trails offer the hiker or birder with the opportunity to view this primitive jungle from the top of nearby mountains. Boating excursions in dugout canoes provide an incomparable jungle tour.

The friendly and hospitable people of Venezuela will make you feel as though you are part of the family.

 Peacock Bass Fishing At It's Best!!!

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